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Our Vision:

A self-sustaining society where every person enjoys their right to social development

Our mission:

To promote social development through the facilitation of an integrated process of social change for the most vulnerable communities in order to improve their individual and societal well- being

Our Ambitions:

ECHO has a number of ambitions during its seed phase. These ambitions are drawn largely from its purpose for existence and its desire to deliver results-oriented interventions that will contribute to positively impacting the quality of life of vulnerable and poor communities in Zambia, and more general contribute to improved social well being As such these ambitions are expressed below:

  •   To become a well- established, national  civil society organization with a strengthened grassroots approach to social change and social development
  •   To become a leading organization in technical support for communities aspiring to undertake community led- social services
  •   To become an organization of choice for strategic partnerships, networking and collaboration
  •   To become a leader in social enterprise development amongst vulnerable and poor communities
  •   To become a source of credible input for informing key changes to policy programmes implementation that supports social development

Registration number: RNGO 101/0229/2014